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powerful hair growth laser cap 272 diode lasers for Hair Reqrowth

Good quality Pain Relief Laser Device for sales
Good quality Pain Relief Laser Device for sales
Thank you very much.I am pleased to tell you the laser cap is a great success.my hair is stop failing, and the structure hair change.

—— Hennry

Hello,Lydia.Thanks for your pain relief belt, it is hand free ,save my time, and cure my pain on back,thank you very much

—— Sherry

As stated on the product., if the product is used as directed it works. I purchased the laser to use on my back. I am began to see pain relief

—— Alex male

You have to be realistic and patient with this product, but it really works! I've been using it for a few months now and my pain really relief ,amizin

—— Tony

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powerful hair growth laser cap 272 diode lasers for Hair Reqrowth

China powerful hair growth laser cap 272 diode lasers for Hair Reqrowth supplier

Large Image :  powerful hair growth laser cap 272 diode lasers for Hair Reqrowth

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Nourifo
Certification: CE FC FDA

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Paper box
Payment Terms: T/T
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Diode Laser Style: Portable
Product: Hair Growing Laser Type: Diode Laser
Certificate: CE FC Output Power: 1380mw
Wavelength: 650nm,670nm Feature: Hair Growing,anti Hair Loss

Long hair is a sign of beauty and grooming, and hair loss is also harmful to men . Research has shown that hair loss can lower men's self-esteem, make dating harder and find employment harder.
There are many causes of hair loss: heredity, hormones, environment, diet and daily activities. Androgen and alopecia areata or resting hair loss are often associated with gene and hormone secretion in both sexes.
Low intensity laser therapy has gradually been recognized by hair doctors and alopecia patients in recent years.
Laser hair is not a new weapon
In 1998, the laser was granted the FDA safety approval as a class 3A laser
In December 2003, laser equipment was patented as a method and device to stimulate hair follicle activity
-2007, 2005: randomized, double-blind, multicenter, comparative study of LLLT and LED therapies for androgen alopecia, results were published in the third quarter of 2008
In 2007, the study of laser generated human tissue sections began
In April 2008, a single center open trial was carried out using a laser hair generator to study the potential efficacy of LLLT for eyebrow repair in alopecia areata
In the fourth quarter of 2008, randomized, double-blind, controlled controlled, single center trials were conducted to investigate the clinical efficacy of lasers in the prevention of alopecia in chemotherapy
1. laser hair is low energy laser cooling is widely recognized in the world (LLLT) a new method for treating alopecia, and drugs (such as minoxidil and Finasteride Tablets), no side effect. The clinical effectiveness has been extensively validated on the premise of ensuring safety.
2. provides a new safe and effective method for the treatment of AGA. The laser is the best wavelength for screening after many clinical tests.
In the 3. general bald indications, for drug therapy or groups of younger age, not suitable for drug treatment groups, the laser is a very rewarding process, correlation between irradiation time, dose, frequency and the degree of hair loss has a deep clinical significance.
4. laser has a positive effect on wound healing (already documented), so it can be used in conjunction with hair transplantation, and the possibility of improving clinical efficacy is very high.
what is benefit for laser treatment to hair loss?
There are three methods for the treatment of alopecia is currently widely accepted: minoxidil lotion, anti androgen therapy and hair transplantation, but there are always such side effects as. Minoxidil lotion is approved by the FDA for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and telogen hair product line. Possible side effects include headache, dizziness, etc.. For men, anti androgen therapy (such as finasteride) is also clearly effective. Possible side effects include impotence, decreased libido and reduce the number of sperm, if cannot tolerate the side effects of the patients can stop the medication under the guidance of. Hair transplant is the only real long-term strategy for people with severe baldness. The procedure involves the removal of transplanted hair from the thick head of the hair or the removal of individual hair follicles into areas where the hair is bald. Most patients need one or two treatments. Treatment costs vary depending on the method of transplantation and the number of hair follicles that are transplanted.
LLLT is a therapy with almost no side effects. It provides a safe and effective alternative treatment. In clinical observation, almost all treated patients had no headache, itching, erythema, burning and tingling.
At present, LLLT's popular therapeutic instrument is laser helmet, also known as laser hair cap. The hair cap further integrates and optimizes LLLT decades of research to effectively grow hair. The energy of LLLT can be absorbed specifically by the dermal papilla in the hair follicles. This therapy can dredge the sebaceous gland duct, reduce and control the secretion of oil, and improve the hair loss. Can also promote the blood circulation of the head, so that oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicles in time, to prevent hair loss. And the most in telogen hair follicle stimulating active state, improve period too short hair growth problems and telogen, the hair growth by light stimulation than the normal growth of hair more robust and powerful.
Based on practical experience, 80% of patients with androgenic alopecia begin to become more dense after treatment for 3-6 months, and almost all patients with hair loss during the rest period stop hair loss. After a year of LLLT treatment, the hair continues to grow. Most people will adhere to follow-up treatment in order to maintain the effect.
Hair growing , Anti-hair loss,depression,stroke,Alz heimer?sdisease,austisim
We are mutifunction laser cap manufacturer, now all laser cap is second generation, having monitor, we offering 2.2 years guarantee.the second generation laser cap different with first generation, the battery we make some change, any mobile phone battery can drive 276 diode laser series cap. Change other word, if batty broken, any people, can buy cheap battery drive the laser cap, or ask for our company for it.
For repair and replacement, it is free.
Hair growing, anti hair grow,
Can make cell activity increasedm, promote cells metabolism, accelerate the blood circulation, control oil secretion.
Q1.How many diode laser in your cap?
We have three type of laser cap ,276Pro, 276Plus, 276Gen, 276Pro is 276 diode laser, 276Plus is 126 diode laser+150Led,276Gen is 96 diode laser+180Led.
Q 2 How many times of the laser can use?
Our diode laser life time is pass 20000hrs.
Q3. Is your diode laser is medical laser?
Yes , we are A type of medical laser, This laser diode have protect windows.so our laser cap lifetime is longer than others. welcome contact with us, we will teach you how to distinguish ordinary laser and our medical laser.
Q4.what is different is your diode laser?
Our diode laser lifetime is longer than other, treatment effect is the better than others. Of course, the cost is higher than others.
Q5. We often see some people said laser cap is no useful for hair?
As you are not choose the right product. You choose cheap laser cap. It is useless for you, and no treatment. Only waste your money. You should choose right laser cap. For example,276 diode laser cap.
Q6. How to better use in our laser cap?
As our laser cap lifetime is long, and power is strong and stable all time. So we strong recommend clinic, hospital, spa and personal use people use our laser cap. In other words, our cap can be used again and again, and treatment is the same. Not like others, will weaken and weaken. Still welcome contact with us, will teach you how to distinguish the cap power.
Q7. If buy from you,what I can get from package?

  • Laser device
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery pack
  • Power charger
  • Baseball cap
  • The box
  • Instructions manual


Q8.Do you also offer other package

We can supply metal box, and plastic box. But need package fee.
Q9.what is the power of your laser cap?

  • Number of lasers 276
  • Diode output 5 mW
  • Laser wavelength 660 nm+/-10nm
  • Total power 1,380 W

Q10. Why your laser cap call multifunction laser cap?
Our laser cap is mutifunctional, can be adjusted laser cap. Laser cap can be controlled by monitor, the monitor control different hair loss area, for strong treatment for different hair loss head. So the monitor is not easy turn on and off.
Q11.Why your laser cap can add Led?
Laser cap add special wavelength Led is unique design for special customer, like some people have fungi ill, a person have some dandruff, the led also have function for head healthy. Welcome you ask our engineers and doctors for this kind of problems,so can choose right type of laser cap.
276Gen and 276 plus add red led
Can make cell activity increasedm, promote cells metabolism, accelerate the blood circulation, control oil secretion.
laser is for hair growing and anti hair loss
we also have blue laser cap,
Kill hair pathogenic bacteria effectively, kill the hidden fungi and mites deep in the hair follicles.
Free shipping to worldwide.
We accept Paypal ,west union, and T/T.
Q14. Return / Warranty.
2.2 years warrantee.
Q15. What is your after sales?
Free after sales in 2.2 years.
About us.
We are manufacturer for laser cap, we are in laser field pass 10 years, we are not only for laser cap, we also have laser belt, pain relief machine, headache treatment belt, welcome you come to inquiry from us.

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